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Welcome to the Greenview Farms web page!

     Greenview Farms is a corn and soybean farm in eastern Iowa. It was started by Kevin and Lori Green in 1976 when they rented 160 acres. Since then we have maintained continuous growth.

Greenview Farms has successfully responded to new technology, a changing business environment, and uncertain markets.  Soil erosion prevention, high soil fertility, consistent weed control, and continuous communications with our business associates is evidence of the long view approach for cash renting at Greenview Farms.  

Greenview Farms Current Events

April 15, 2014    We got some tillage done last week before the welcomed rains over the weekend. Now we are continuing    with cleaning up farms while we wait for the soil temp to warm up before we start to plant.

March 13, 2014    Hopefully the end of many snow moving days is insight! Keith and Randy attended a Dow nitrogen    management meeting. Machinery and office updates are being done to be ready for spring fieldwork.

January 31, 2014         It’s been meetings time! Randy & Kevin attended a Winfield Agronomy 5-year Outlook of Future Technology                                         session; Keith, Randy & Adam went to an Executive Ag Network Conference mostly composed of farm                                                   economics information; Keith, Randy, Adam & Mike attended a Precision Farming Technology meeting;                                                   Kevin went to a Channel Seed meeting on future seed technology; Lori attended Consumer/Farming                                                    Conversations and Monsanto Community Program sessions.

January 2014    Many days this month the guys were busy moving snow!

December 24, 2013   We wish all in our farm family a Merry Christmas and the blessings of peace, heath, and hope in the New Year

December 10, 2013   Tillage we wanted to do is done, and the equipment has been cleaned up and put away. 2013 office work is 
  being completed and 2014 planning is well underway.

November 7, 2013  We finished harvest this afternoon after having forty acres left when we got rain on Tuesday.  Always nice
                                  to be done! 

October 16, 2013      We are just over a month into harvest and have it about 70% completed. Typically harvest has a slow 
                                  start as we wait for crops to mature.  Then there is a period of rapid progress.  By the third week of October 
                                  there are more delays due to weather, and the last couple weeks are also slowed by lines at our 
                                  delivery points. All in all - on schedule.

October 1, 2013       We made good progress with harvest in September.  About 25% of the corn acres are harvested 
                                 and 12% of the beans.

September 24, 2013   An informational and well-attended Morning Refresher was held.  Meanwhile the field crew 
                                   had a great day combining corn.

September 13, 2013    Corn harvest started today.

September 11, 2013    We have begun harvest!  We started combining soybeans.  Below average yield due to late season drought.

September 10, 2013   Keith, Randy, Adam and Mike attended a combine operations’ training session. 

August 19, 2013        We enjoyed seeing everyone that was able to attended our annual Landowner Gathering!

August 1, 2013         Adam and Keith attended a Channel summer agronomy update conference in Davenport.

July 19, 2013             We are making progress on mowing ditches. Not much rainfall recently, but we are in good shape for now.

June 25, 2013            The landowner Morning Refresher Meeting was well attended. There was good discussion about recent                                   land auctions, wet weather and crop conditions, the Farm Bill, etc.

June 24, 2013             Lots of rain in the area lately. Some fields in eastern Cedar County and western Clinton County had                                   over five inches of rain. No crop damage however.

June 4, 2013             We had a short window again and got most of the remaining soybeans planted.  We will 
                                 finish the small areas that are left as they are dry.  Nice to be "almost done".

May 28, 2013             We had an inch of rain over the weekend. Over 90% of our beans are in the ground. 

May 21, 2013             Corn planting was finished today. Now getting a good start on the beans. 

May 2, 2013               Did not plant yesterday and today in anticipation of a cool rain coming. We have 1300 acres of corn planted.

April 28, 2013             Able to start planting today. We will plant at a slower pace due to cooler weather.

April 15, 2013             Cooler and wetter conditions than normal up to now. Last year spoiled us (earliest ever planting start).
                                 Just two years ago we didn't have anything planted until May 1st which still produced near record yields.

March 26, 2013         The March Morning Refresher focused on QE3, variable rate planting and land values.
March 14, 2013         Spring AMS product training (JD) session was attended by Randy, Keith, Lori and Adam.

March 7 and 8 2013   Kevin attended the Eastern Iowa Agriculture Forum in Preston. Randy and Mike attended a 
                                 Precision Planting meeting in Welton.